KWorld UB445-U2 ATSC Hybrid TV Stick

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  • Clear QAM
  • NTSC analog TV
  • 1920 x 1080i
  • Dolby AC-3 audio output
  • Additional AV input for extra media entertainment
  • FM radio

Components Used

  • NXP 18272/M
  • LG LGDT3305
  • Conexant CX23102-11Z

Other Images

KW-UB445-U2 cover top.JPG
KW-UB445-U2 cover bottom.jpg
KW-UB445-U2 cover side.JPG
KW-UB445-U2 with ir rx board top.jpg
KW-UB445-U2 without ir rx board top.jpg
KW-UB445-U2 board bottom.jpg
Ic 18272.jpg
Ic cx23102-11z.jpg
Ic lgdt3305.jpg
Ic lgdt3305 ne.jpg


ID 1b80:e43f Afatech

Making it Work

Looks like it might not be supported as of 3.8.0



Discuss the kernel driver modules used by the device here. Provide the details of where the drivers, any patches, and any other necessary tools are available.

Sample Kernel Output

Remote Control Support

Comes with a windows remote control

An Appropriate Title


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