List of device vendors

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A Sortable Table of Device Vendors
Vendor Headquarters Analog Digital Comments
ADS Tech Taiwan Yes Yes Sells DVB-T and ATSC HDTV devices
Anysee Korea Yes sells DVB USB devices
Artec Taiwan Yes manufactures and sells DVB USB devices
ASUS Taiwan Yes Yes Sells DVB-T PCI cards
AVerMedia Taiwan Yes Yes
Blackgold G.B. Yes Yes analog, DVB-T & DVB-S devices with PCI, PCI-E or USB
Compro Technology U.S. Yes Yes sells analogue TV and DVB-T USB devices
Digital Everywhere Austria Yes sells DVB FireWire devices
DViCO Korea Yes produces DVB and ATSC devices
Elgato Germany Yes produces FireWire & USB DVB devices
Fujitsu Siemens Netherlands Yes picked up where Siemens left off
Galaxis Technology AG
Geniatech China
Hama Germany Yes re-sells DVB PCI and USB devices (Twinhan)
Hauppauge U.S. Yes Yes Some digital TV boards manufactured prior to 2005 were rebranded TechnTrend cards
KNC1 Germany Yes produces DVB PCI cards
KWorld Taiwan Yes Yes sells DVB PCI and USB devices
Leadtek Taiwan Yes Yes sells DVB cards as well as other computer devices
LifeView Taiwan Yes Yes sells all kind of TV cards you can image
Miglia Yes Sells DVB-T USB and ExpressCard devices and ATSC USB devices for Macintosh
Nebula U.K. Yes produces DVB PCI and USB devices
PCBasic French Yes Yes Cheap Line of AV,TV,DVB-T,USB devices distributed by Graphics
pcHDTV U.S. No Yes produces ATSC cards with explicit Linux Support
Siano Mobile Silicon Israel No Yes DVB-T/H, T-DMB/DAB, CMMB, ISDB-T chip-sets, USB, SPP, SDIO, HIF, GSP, TS interfaces
Siemens Germany Yes Designed one of the first DVB cards
SIGMACOM Korea Yes Yes sells ATSC PCI cards and USB devices
Skydigital Korea Yes sells an ATSC PCI card
TechniSat Germany Yes sells PCI cards, USB devices and set-top boxes
TechnoTrend Germany Yes cards are often rebranded by others (eg. older Hauppauge devices)
TerraTec Germany Yes Yes produces and sells audio, video and analog and digital TV peripherals
TwinHan Technology Co. Ltd Taiwan Yes manufactures and sells DVB PCI and USB devices
Wayjet Technology Inc Taiwan Yes manufactures and sells DVB PCI devices