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   <td style="width: 100px;">Sylvio </td>
   <td style="width: 100px;">Sylvio </td>
   <td>smileyoschi at freenet d0t de (by the alternativ way)</td>
   <td>smileyoschi at freenet d0t de (by the alternativ way)</td>
  <td style="width: 100px;">Sylvio </td>
  <td>d.holmen at gmail d0t com</td>

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A DVB-T USB 2.0 device from MSI.


  • In Germany this device is also named MSI K-Vox, sometimes identified as keyboard input device


Not supported yet. Some members are trying to make it work. See linux-dvb mailing list for more details.

Seems to work fine with the newest (12.12.07) Version of the Repository for AF9015. So the "MSI K-VOX"-Stick is now operated by kaffeine and mplayer.

Components Used:

  • Afatech AF9015-N1
  • The Tuner is a Microtune MT2061F


Windows driver location (input data for firmware_cutter):

The location appears to have been moved to

(javascript-automated downloading, might require IE).


  • Compile drivers for AF9015 from Antti Palosaari:
hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/~anttip/af9015/
cd af9015
make install
  • Download dvb-usb-af9015.fw and copy it into firmware directory (/lib/firmware/2.6.xx/..)
  • Insert USB DVB-T stick or load the module manually:
modprobe dvb_usb_af9015

Alternativ way

tar -xvzf af901x-Taiwan.tar.gz
cd v4l-dvb-39c2d2041e6e/
make install

Your Kernel config needs:


Firmware can you find here: http://www.otit.fi/~crope/v4l-dvb/af9015/af9015_firmware_cutter/firmware_files/ and copy it into firmware directory (/lib/firmware/2.6.xx/..) or Debian (/lib/firmware/ )

People who own such a device

feel free to add yourself here, testers will always be needed!

Name Email
Niklas officeman at freenet d0t de
Jons linuxtv d0t org at metastasis d0t de
Jan krupaj at mobilnews d0t cz
Patrick linuxuser1 at gmx d0t net
tilt tilde at tk hyph3n sls d0t de
bazillus r at sliwi d0t org
Sylvio smileyoschi at freenet d0t de (by the alternativ way)
Sylvio d.holmen at gmail d0t com

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