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Welcome to the V4L-DVB Wiki !

What is this wiki about?

This wiki is intended to become an authoritative source of information regarding the use of analog video and digital TV sources under Linux -- i.e. the subject matters covered under the V4L & DVB frameworks. The basic plan is to aggregate information about available hardware, how V4L or DVB work, software used with the hardware and so forth. Like all other wikis, the V4L-DVB wiki relies upon the contributions of its users. Hence, it will only be as useful as we make it!

How can I help with the wiki?

We encourage you to share your knowledge and help with the task of turning this site into a grand repository of knowledge. Your input, whether it be for providing a set of instructions as to how to get a certain device working, or an explanation for some complex concept, or improving an existing article by correcting something even as simple as a spelling mistake, will be highly appreciated. Here are a few basic links that can help you get started:

Index.png The Wiki's Indexes
Article, category, image, ....
User Info icon.png User Information
How to install drivers for your hardware, and software to use with your device, ...
Technical background icon.png Technical Background
Technical details on standards and hardware components/chipsets, etc
More info.png Other Sources of Info
Mailing lists, #irc channels....
Hardware icon.png Hardware Device Information
Information on hardware devices
Developer icon.png Developer Section
Information to help device driver development

News icon2.png GENERAL NEWS:

Announcement: 2012 Media Subsystem Summit
Once again, the Linux Media Subsystem looks to hold its own workshop, running along side and during the 2012 Linux Kernel Summit (KS/2012), being held, between August 26-28th, in San Diego, CA., U.S.A. Preliminary discussions about the range of topics and details for the forthcoming event can be found in a pair of threads on the mailing list (unfortunately, the discussion got fractured into two for some unimportant reason):

If you wish to see particular subject matters addressed during the summit or are interested in participating in the series talks, now is the time to figure that all out! --19:32, 21 July 2012 (CEST)

Look Out GSoC, Here Comes CSoC (Crope's Summer of Code) !
A (very) belated congratulations goes out to Antti Palosaari (aka "Crope" on IRC) for his project's acceptance into this year's GSoC. Antti will be focusing on bringing improvements to the DVB USB framework and, as well, to the DVB-core itself. More information can be found in the following links:

And, if your curiosity has really been piqued by this, but the above links prove insufficient, you can find even further details related to this work in a number of the discussions that have occurred on the Linux-media mailing list over the past eight weeks or so.

Hopefully in the future we shall see further interest and participation in the GSoC program; it really is an excellent opportunity afforded to students and there are just sooooo many areas in the realm of V4L-DVB code that could use improvement/refinement and, hence, could make for interesting summer projects. --06:47, 2 July 2012 (CEST)

For older news items see here