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Mumudvb is a program who can redistribute stream from DVB on a network, in multicast. It's main feature is to take a whole transponder and put each channel on different multicast IP.

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main features

  • Can show reception level when streaming
  • To make a list of channels in real time (can be used to make SAP announces)
  • Can deamonize and write his own pid in a file
  • The program can kill himself if he receives no data from the card
  • The program stops trying tuning after a configurable timeout
  • The main fonctionality : stream channels from a transponder on different multicast IPs
  • Can stream the same pid on different channels (multicast Ip)
  • Functionnal support of DVB-T
  • Always send mandatory pids
    • Mandatory pids are :
      • PAT (0): Program Association Table
      • NIT (16) : Network Information Table : It is intended to provide information about the physical network.
      • SDT (17) : Service Description Table : the SDT contains data describing the services in the system e.g. names of services, the service provider, etc.
      • EIT (18) : Event Information Table : the EIT contains data concerning events or programmes such as event name, start time, duration, etc.
      • TDT (20): Time and Date Table : the TDT gives information relating to the present time and date.This information is given in a separate table due to the frequent updating of this information.
  • mumudvb automatically suscribe to all multicast groups (IGMP membership request) in order to avoid some switches to broadcast all channels.
  • The program can rewrite the PAT Pid in order to announce only present channels (useful for set-top boxes)
    • This is an experimental feature (03/2006) and dont rewrite Pat Pids larger than 188 bytes