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Other Sources of Info:

Mailing Lists

Older mailing list archives: Make sure you check both the V4L and DVB mailing lists, as topical misplacement/mis-posting often occurs (as many users are unaware of the distinction between the two different, but in many ways intertwined, subsystems).

  • MARC provides a comprehensive searchable V4L archive ... the actual m/l is archived here but requires authentication to access, nor is it as easily searched through
  • MARC also provides a searchable DVB archive, but its records are not comprehensive (and, as well as, contain a large gap). Therefore, for inquiries relevant to older equipment you will have to sift through either the new DVB mailing list (which began Feb 2005) or use the likes of either a google site search or spinics to find even older (as well as present) DVB m/l postings...some further resources are also mentioned here.

#irc channels

Internet relay chat channels on freenode:

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