PCI interface chipsets

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A PCI interface chipset is a bridge between the device's receiver and, in some cases, A/V inputs and the host computer's PCI bus. Some examples of PCI interface chipsets that are used in V4L-DVB PCI cards include:

PCI interface Chipsets
Vendor Chipset A/V decoder DVB support Associated
Kernel Modules
B2C2 Inc. FlexCop No Yes
Brooktree Bt848 Yes No
  • bttv
Brooktree Bt878 Yes No
  • bttv
  • snd-bt878
  • btaudio
Conexant Fusion 878A Yes Yes
  • bttv
  • snd-bt878
  • btaudio
  • dvb-bt8xx
Conexant | CX2388x Yes Yes
  • cx88
  • cx88-alsa
  • cx88-dvb
Digimove Mantis  ? Yes
Philips Semiconductors / NXP SAA7134 Yes Yes
  • saa7134
  • saa7134-alsa
  • saa7134-dvb
Philips Semiconductors SAA7146 Yes Yes
SDMC Microelectronics Co.,LTD DM1105  ? Yes