Pinnacle/Miro DC30+

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Card Features

Inputs: Composite, S-video and Internal
Norms: PAL, SECAM (768x576 @ 25 fps), NTSC (640x480 @ 29.97 fps)


  • Zoran zr36067 PCI controller
  • Zoran zr36050 MJPEG codec
  • Zoran zr36016 Video Front End
  • Micronas vpx3225d/vpx3220a/vpx3216b TV decoder
  • Analog Devices adv7176 TV encoder

How to make it work

Drivers to use: videodev, i2c-core, i2c-algo-bit, videocodec, vpx3220/vpx3224, adv7175, zr36050, zr36015, zoran
Card number: 4

Note: No module for the vpx3224 is available yet
VPX3224D and VPX3225D support see the TechniSat TechniPC/MediaFocus Linux driver project.