Pinnacle PCTV 60e

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A DVB-T USB device from Pinnacle.

It is currently not supported under Linux.

Components Used

  • Microtune MT2060 (tuner)
  • MT352 (demodulator)
  • CYPRESS FX2 (CY768013A) (USB bridge)



Making it work


There is no driver available yet.

Technical Details

The i2c protocol is encapsulated within the USB Control messages, looks like it's nothing special but someone would have to spend some time on it.

Captured Windows USB Transfer (usbsnoop)

  • After some heroic efforts, I was able to get some snoop through usbmon and vmware.
 Here's the log [1]. It initialized the card and began the tuning.
 Then XP died. So there's only the begining of tuning. Enough to get the card going.
  • Those logs have been taken with usbmon.
  • Update of the matter, I've been able to get a full log (tuning, tv channel and changing channel) with a tool called USBTrace.
 The logs are available here [2]. Beware of the size, this hog weigths 200M.
 On the funny side, USBTrace is hanging when I try to export the logs in a txt file. I'll try to convert them in chunks.
 On the dark side, I don't know the format of USBTrace. I hope it's only RAW USB data with timestamps and numbers.
  • I tried to extract firmware from the windows driver and it seems to work at least so that when I attach the device without any dvb driver and upload the firmware it changes the product id from 0216 to 020e (seems to be the same as with Pinnacle PCTV 200e). - lauri -

People who own such a device

feel free to add yourself here, testers will always be needed!

Name Email
Sebastien Bernard seb at frankengul dot org
Marc Stockmeier Marc.Stockmeier at web dot de
Lauri Ojantakanen lauri dot ojantakanen at iki dot fi
Stéphane Graber stgraber at ubuntu dot com
Sylvain Petreolle psn00ps-linuxtv at yahoo dot fr
turfuin turfuin at gmail dot com

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