Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Pro Card (310c)

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Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid Pro Card (310c)

Used ICs

  • xc3028ACQ
  • conexant cx23880
  • zl10353 at least in my device (maybe also mt352?)




  • cx88



added support for FM radio, you can test it using gerd knorr's "radio" and the script, to "fix" the crackling audio problem use -b instead of the -w sox option.


PAL-BG/PAL-DK analogue TV is now supported including audio, though I experienced some crackly audio here sometimes. For setting up audio I used

crackling audio is solved if you use 8 bit audio only

this requires firmware_pinnacle.tgz from



the dvb-t demodulator is able to detect channels, the data transfer itself doesn't work yet.


got one step further with it, there's a problem with the PCI subsystem and resource allocation, it's documented in the discussion tab how to solve it.. this brings development one step further to get DVB-T work soon


there's some experimental code in

analogue TV seems to work, without audio at the moment.


[unplug the device]
$ make
$ make install
[plug in the device]
fire up mplayer, xawtv or tvtime

Technical Details

This device is currently not supported, support has to be added to the cx88 driver.

People who own such a device

feel free to add yourself here, testers will always be needed!

Name Email
Mateusz m.jedrasik at gmail dot com
Jacek wafelj at epf dot pl
Kurt kurtandre at gmail dot com
Juergen juergenhaas at gmx dot net
Obri obri at chaostreff dot ch
Kamre kamre at student dot agh dot edu dot pl
Álvaro aarranz at pegaso dot ls dot fi dot upm dot es
Alfred garbagemail at web dot de
Andy andaug at mailbolt dot com
Mihai ionic at ionic dot de