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The saa7146 is the predecessor of the saa713x chipset. The author has a dedicated webpage.

In contrast to the popular bttv and saa7134 drivers, there is no unified saa7146 driver. Instead, there is a driver core where so-called extension can be hooked on. The driver core is split up into non-video (pci core, i2c) and video parts.

The most popular extension is "ttpci" for the popular Technotrend/Siemens/Hauppauge DVB cards.


The saa7146 driver package is part of the 2.6 kernel series. If you have a recent distribution, you already have the drivers for free.

Supported cards

As explained above, you don't see "the" saa7146 driver. Instead, you directly select the necessary extension driver for your hardware.

The following drivers use the saa7146 driver architecture:

  • Multimedia eXtension Board' by Siemens-Nixdorf
  • 'Orion' and 'Gemini' frame grabber cards by Hexium
  • CM7326 PC/104-plus frame grabber' by Real Time Devices USA, Inc. (not included in 2.6 yet)
  • 'Mediafocus II' by Technisat (not included in 2.6 yet)
  • Various DVB boards with and without on-board MPEG decoder following the Technotrend/Siemens/Hauppauge design

Have a look at the webpage mentioned above for further informations about the individual drivers.