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TVisto has different usb DVB-T dongles. They only re-brand other usb dvb-t products but in the TVisto's web page only have one dvb-t usb showing the last model they have re-branded. This page prupose is to show the different models that users have report. Feel free to add a new one if you own a TVisto usb that is not listed here.

Known TVisto devices
Image USBID Equivalent one ¿Supported?
Have to do 15a4:9016 GeniaTech T328B DVB-T Yes, kernel >=2.6.28
Tested with Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 2, only needed to add the firmware af9015 and it works perfect.
Have to do 18b4:fffa  ???  ???
I've found a USB ID: 18b4:fffa. It has MXL5003S and a E3C EC168 X***98501T" (I couldn't read all numbers, they were deleted). In reverse (inside in the circuit) It has "4407 ver 2.0"