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|** [[Klear]]|||||||||||
|** [[Klear]]|||||||||||
|** [[dvbshout]]|||||||||||
|** [[dvbshout]]|| y || y || n || n || Stream radio to Icecast/multicast
|** [[dvbstream]]|||||||||||
|** [[dvbstream]]|||||||||||

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Here, we aim to provide useful information about software related to DVB (and maybe TV with Linux in general).

In order to be most useful for the reader, this page is diveded into three sections:

  • software useful for DVB cards (full featured cards and budget cards as for most of the software this doesn't make a difference)
  • software useful for analog TV cards (hey, shouldn't that sort of stuff rather be in the video4linux wiki?).

If you're new, you might be more interested in how to quickly get a fully working system rather than trying single programs one after one. See the Example setup page for this. You might even want to save more time and just quickly test you system, see the First steps with a budget DVB card.


Software DVB-S DVB-T Record mpg Playback mpg Comments
** LinuxTV Drivers
** LinuxTV dvb-apps
** MythTV
** GeeXboX
** Kaffeine y y y y Desktop TV Solution
** KaxTV
** Klear
** dvbshout y y n n Stream radio to Icecast/multicast
** dvbstream
** dvbsnoop
** dvbsak
** ZapDvb
** xawtv
** XdTV
** pluto
** gdvb
** ProjectX
** Mini DVB Linux
** LinVDR
** Mplayer - - n y
** mumudvb
** getstream

Digital (DVB cards) software

Software to Watch TV

Media Center Software


VDR is one of the most popular TV applications. It features watching TV, recording storage on disk, EPG, Dolby Digital, playback, multi language and much more. VDR, although originally written for FF cards, works also with budget cards, if one installs the VDR Software Decoder Plugin.


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Tools for Local Usage

Network Tools

Analog cards software

This is not really the right wiki for this but go ahead and write...

Unclassified programs

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