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How about building a device database from the start? Before this pages turns into yet another bloody mess :-) ?

The good thing would be to put the device data into the device database that we have here and to set the "standard" value to DVB-T2. Then if you want just the DVB-T2 devices on this page you simply filter for "hostinterface=USB" and "standard=DVB-T2". DONE!

But ... apparently php or the hardware that the wiki is running on will (currently) not allow to put all devices in just one big database template. It simply becomes very slow to work with.

So instead we could start a new database template for DVB-T2 USB Devices (just like the one Template:USB_Device_Data) but please consider using the same basic record structure. That way we can actually output DVB-T and DVB-T2 devices into the same table. (Just call the header template once and call the data filter template once on the DVB-T and once on the DVB-T2 database) Later we could maybe merge the data into one database. ---Hlangos 09:32, 21 January 2011 (UTC)