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main page hacked

Main Page was "hacked" by a stupid guy: someone should consider taking some actions towards his account.

I would like to say something to that guy: do you really think you are an hacker just because you changed the main page of a wiki that can be edited by whoever wants?

If you just sit down and think you will relaize the real hackers here are all those coders here behind who hack inside closed devices and manage to free them through a gpl driver written from scratch.

Instead of abusing open source communities where nobody has got the power because everybody does have the power (for istance I registered just in order to change back the homepage, exactly as you did to destroy it), focus your efforts on big evil corporations websites: there you can fight against a webadmin and maybe eventually win, but never would you win over a linux community, it's simply too big (and does not code for money)!