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[http://www.st.com/stonline/stappl/productcatalog/app?path=/pages/stcom/PcStComPartNumberSearch.searchPartNumber&search=stv090* ST stv090* Demodulator Datasheets]
[http://www.st.com/stonline/stappl/productcatalog/app?path=/pages/stcom/PcStComPartNumberSearch.searchPartNumber&search=stv090* ST stv090* Demodulator Data Brief]
[http://www.st.com/stonline/stappl/productcatalog/app?path=/pages/stcom/PcStComPartNumberSearch.searchPartNumber&search=stv6110* ST stv6110 Tuner Datasheets]
[http://www.st.com/stonline/stappl/productcatalog/app?path=/pages/stcom/PcStComPartNumberSearch.searchPartNumber&search=stv6110* ST stv6110 Tuner Data Brief]

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A FTA PCI DVB-S2 card from TechnoTrend.

Components Used

The ST STV0903 demodulator is pin compatible to the STV0900 but provides only one tuner link.

The ST STV6110A Tuner supports QPSK, 8PSK APKS16, APKS32 Modulation.

ST stv090* Demodulator Data Brief

ST stv6110 Tuner Data Brief


Vendor: pci 0x1131 "Philips Semiconductors"

Device: pci 0x7146 "SAA7146"

SubVendor: pci 0x13c2 "Technotrend Systemtechnik GmbH"

SubDevice: pci 0x101c


The SAA7146 is supported by Manu Abraham's driver ([[1]]). Some people in this (german) VDR board added this card to the driver at the end of april 2009. One Day later the development was committed to http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb.

However, this is still some initial support an might need some more testing.

Technotrend S2-1600


Question: Is this still true? I'm running this card with plain kernel 2.6.36 for more than a year now. So it seems quite stable ....