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This is my sandbox. Being a sandbox, everything you see here is a work in progress.

Wiki Main Page:

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User Sign up /Login Subpage:

A Few Notes Before you Begin

Before you jump in and make your contribution, please first familiarize yourself with the layout of the site. Doing so will help you to place your information in the right location. As the wiki grows, it takes an increasing amount of effort and discipline to keep it from quickly turning into a tangled mess. So it's up to each of us to make sure the information submitted is easy for everybody to find and access.

If you make a contibution and later find that your submission has been edited or moved to another area of the wiki, please don't feel offended. Everyone understands and appreciates the time and efforts you took, but bear in mind that a factual and well-organized resource for everyone interested in analog or digital TV is the ultimate aim of the LinuxTV wiki.

Submitters should also know that, to keep the information contained in the wiki free, all contributions are automatically licensed under the GNU General Public License GPL. If you wish, you may specify in each case that your contribution is dual-licensed under the MIT License. Please do not reproduce or submit copyrighted works without obtaining the express consent of the owner or its agent.

Lastly, to help keep the wiki free from spam, contributors are required to set up an account and to sign in before they can post to the wiki. (This is a painless process that only takes a few seconds). To sign up an

Now enjoy and have fun! -- The LinuxTV WikiTeam [People behind V4L]

Software viewing apps icon.png TV Related Software SubPage:

It would seem that, instead of re-inventing the wheel, the existing TV Related Software page is an ideal candidate to be reworked as the TV Software SubPage

TV related items/issues that should be addressed are:

  • scanning
  • tuning/zapping
  • watching/recording
  • teletex/CC
  • streaming

distinguish between tuner/tuning/to tune/receiver ... in contemporary dialogue/common language: the terms "tuner" and "receiver" are often used interchangeably ... but its more appropriate to call it a receiver, with the tuner being part of the receiver

tuning In electronics, tuning refers to a process in which, first, a specific RF signal is acquired and, second, is subsequently acted upon such that any underlying content (information/data) may be extracted.

One may "tune" to a specific frequency and find that there is no underlining content to be found -- in the context of radio or TV signal reception, this would be characteristic of static or white noise.

in which case the RF carrier signal list of known frequencies or obtained via a frequency scan

Just toying

Would like to try to setup a table for the chipsets using templates such that, with using logic to define relevant fields, we have all the data contained in one spot (I guess much like Henrik was doing with the DVB-T USB stuff), but can then parse the info for display in relevant articles, such that there isn't duplication. Present duplication example:

A Sortable List of Chipsets
Vendor Chipset Tuner Analog
Standard Modulation
Kernel Modules
Firmware Comments
Afatech AF9005 No No Yes DVB-T COFDM No No No Yes USB Yes Yes ? Yes
  • A combo USB bridge & demod IC

Misc Info & ideas for me:


  • ~~~~~


  • Web colours
  • v4l --> style="background-color:#006600;
  • DVB --> style="background-color:#6289AB;


style="color:green; background-color:#ffffcc;"
style="background-color:# ;"

Icons wanted:

  • need to find or create a chain link icon for "links"
  • * terrestrial broadcast tower
  • sat dish
  • * pcmcia
  • pci
  • pcie
  • firewire

Special Links

Clickable Icons or Images using templates