libdvbv5  1.11.0
Library to work with Digital TV devices on Linux
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Catsc_desc_service_locationDescribes the elementary streams inside a PAT table for ATSC
 Catsc_desc_service_location_elementaryService location elementary descriptors
 Catsc_table_eitATSC EIT table
 Catsc_table_eit_desc_lengthATSC EIT descriptor length
 Catsc_table_eit_eventATSC EIT event table
 Catsc_table_mgtATSC MGT table
 Catsc_table_mgt_tableATSC tables descrition at MGT table
 Catsc_table_vctATSC VCT table (covers both CVCT and TVCT)
 Catsc_table_vct_channelATSC VCT channel table (covers both CVCT and TVCT)
 Catsc_table_vct_descriptor_lengthATSC VCT descriptor length
 Cdvb_descLinked list containing the several descriptors found on a MPEG-TS table
 Cdvb_desc_caContains the private data for Conditional Access
 Cdvb_desc_ca_identifierIndicates if a particular bouquet, service or event is associated with a CA system
 Cdvb_desc_cable_deliveryStructure containing the cable delivery system descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_event_extendedStructure containing the extended event descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_event_shortStructure containing the short event descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_frequency_listStruct containing the frequency list descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_hierarchyStructure containing the hierarchy descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_languageStructure containing the ISO639 language descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_logical_channelStructure containing the logical channel number descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_logical_channel_numberStructure containing the logical channel number entires
 Cdvb_desc_network_nameStruct containing the network name descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_satStructure containing the satellite delivery system descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_serviceStructure containing the service descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_t2_deliveryStructure containing the T2 delivery system descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_t2_delivery_subcellStructure to describe transponder subcell extension and frequencies
 Cdvb_desc_terrestrial_deliveryStructure containing the DVB-T terrestrial delivery system descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_ts_infoStructure describing the ISDB TS information descriptor
 Cdvb_desc_ts_info_transmission_typeISDB TS information transmission type
 Cdvb_descriptorContains the parser information for the MPEG-TS parser code
 Cdvb_dev_listDigital TV device node properties
 Cdvb_deviceDigital TV list of devices
 Cdvb_elementary_pidAssociates an elementary stream type with its PID
 Cdvb_entryRepresents one entry on a DTV file
 Cdvb_ext_descriptorStructure that describes the parser functions for the extended descriptors
 Cdvb_extension_descriptorStructure containing the extended descriptors
 Cdvb_fileDescribes an entire DVB file opened
 Cdvb_mpeg_es_pic_startMPEG ES Picture start header
 Cdvb_mpeg_es_seq_startMPEG ES Sequence header
 Cdvb_mpeg_pesMPEG PES data structure
 Cdvb_mpeg_pes_optionalMPEG PES optional header
 Cdvb_mpeg_tsMPEG TS header
 Cdvb_mpeg_ts_adaptionMPEG TS header adaption field
 Cdvb_open_descriptorOpaque struct with a DVB open file descriptor
 Cdvb_parse_fileDescribes an entire file format
 Cdvb_parse_structDescribes the format to parse an specific delivery system
 Cdvb_parse_tableDescribes the fields to parse on a file
 Cdvb_sat_lnbStores the information of a LNBf
 Cdvb_table_catATSC CAT table
 Cdvb_table_eitDVB EIT table
 Cdvb_table_eit_eventDVB EIT event table
 Cdvb_table_filterDescribes the PES filters used by DVB scan
 Cdvb_table_headerHeader of a MPEG-TS table
 Cdvb_table_nitMPEG-TS NIT table
 Cdvb_table_nit_transportMPEG-TS NIT transport table
 Cdvb_table_nit_transport_headerMPEG-TS NIT transport header
 Cdvb_table_patMPEG-TS PAT table
 Cdvb_table_pat_programMPEG-TS PAT program table
 Cdvb_table_pmtMPEG-TS PMT table
 Cdvb_table_pmt_streamMPEG-TS PMT stream table
 Cdvb_table_sdtMPEG-TS SDT table
 Cdvb_table_sdt_serviceMPEG-TS SDT service table
 Cdvb_ts_packet_headerHeader of a MPEG-TS transport packet
 Cdvb_v5_descriptorsContains the descriptors needed to scan the Service ID and other relevant info at a MPEG-TS Digital TV stream
 Cdvb_v5_descriptors_programAssociates PMT with PAT tables
 Cdvb_v5_fe_parmsKeeps data needed to handle the DVB frontend
 Cdvbsat_freqrangeDefines a frequency range used by Satellite
 Cisdb_desc_partial_receptionStructure containing the partial reception descriptor
 Cisdb_partial_reception_service_idService ID that uses partial reception
 Cisdbt_desc_terrestrial_delivery_systemStruct containing the ISDB-T terrestrial delivery system
 Cts_tMPEG PES timestamp structure, used for dts and pts