2000-10-04   Video Disc Recorder version 0.65

Never again watching boring TV channels

The new version 0.65 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at the ususal location.

VDR now requires that you use DVB driver version 0.71. You need to load the dvb.o module with option outstream=0. This is currently necessary because 'vdr' still works with AV_PES data. It is also important that you apply the patch 'dvb.c.071.diff' (which comes with the VDR archive) to the driver file 'dvb.c' (this should become obsolete in future driver versions).

  • Modified LIRC interface to better handle repeat function
  • The On Screen Display now works a lot faster
  • When switching channels the channel is now immediately displayed, and the current/next information is shown as soon as it becomes available
  • No longer displaying the year in the 'Recordings' menu to save space for the title
  • The 'Recordings' menu now displays a '*' to indicate new recordings
  • In normal viewing mode the '0' key now toggles between the current and the previous channel
  • martin

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