Multimedia and Television Support on Linux

The LinuxTV community develops and maintains the Linux Kernel Media Subsystems and several userspace libraries and applications.

The Linux Kernel Media Subsystems provide support for devices like webcams, streaming capture and output, analog TV, digital TV, AM/FM radio, Sofware Digital Radio (SDR), remote controllers and encoders/decoders for compressed video formats. It offers native support for a large number of drivers for commonly available PCI cards and USB devices, but the subsystems are also targeted towards Linux based set-top-boxes and embedded devices like mobile phones.


2022-11-14   Report of the Kernel CAM topic

It happened during the Media Mini Summit Dublin - Sep 12 and 13, 2022

It mentioned that the report about the Kernel CAM topic that happened on would be posted later, so I'm pleased to finally post that. Thanks to all who participated in the meetings and the reviewing of this report.


2022-11-14   Report from the Media Mini Summit in Dublin

On September 12th, 2022 we had a day long Media Mini Summit, discussing many media topics. It was the first time after three years without meetings that we finally could get together again.



LinuxTV IRC channels changed

From now on, the main IRC channel will be #linux-media at


2019-08-12   CI builder service for

We now have a new instance running Continuous Integration(CI) builds at:

Using some VMs generously provided by OSU Open Source Lab (



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