2019-08-12   CI builder service for

We now have a new instance running Continuous Integration(CI) builds at:

Using some VMs generously provided by OSU Open Source Lab (

CI builder service for

Some of you may probably noticed already: thanks to OSU Open Source Lab1, with is providing us a few VM instances, we now have a Jenkins server running for the media subsystem. It can be accessed via this URL:

It is doing periodic builds on the projects related to our work, specially for the trees hosted at I didn't add a job for a few projects with already have another CI instance running.

Right now, we have the following projects being continuosly built over there:

  • camorama
  • dtv-scan-tables
  • edid-decode
  • libcamera
  • tvtime
  • v4l-utils
  • xawtv3
  • xawtv4

  • media_build (against Debian 10.0 Kernel - v4.19);
  • media_tree:
    • allmodconfig: x86_64
    • allyesconfig
      • x86_64, i386, arm and arm64
  • pull requests received by patchwork

Patchwork job

The patchwork job is currently meant to help me to test the pull requests sent by a media core maintainer, doing part of my own testing workflow.

Right now, it always apply the pull request against the master branch.

This will help me to merge patches quickly, as I'm doing a quicker review on patches sent by a media core maintainer that the script won't point any issues.

For patchwork pull requests, it should always do a build and provide an answer for the build, testing against bisect breakages, and running checkpatch/sparse/smatch, patch per patch. Currently, it is sending replies in about 10 minutes or so, but the build time actually depends on the number of patches and if they're touching core header files or not.

Email policy

Except for the patchwork, the other jobs should send an e-mail to the ML (and to me) when:

  • a build fails;
  • a failed build got fixed.

It shouldn't be sending e-mails if everything is fine.

Please notice that we have some trees with have already a CI instance running:

So, no need to duplicate the efforts by adding them also to our builder.

Please let me know if you find any issues.

Future Plans

I'm planning to add support in the future for the CI to also handle patch series builds from patchwork (against the master branch), but, for that to work, it seems that we'll need to upgrade from patchwork's stable version to the latest one - or wait for the next patchwork stable version.

I'm also planning to change the media_build logic in a way that it would not download media driver tallbals that failed on the builder machine.

Any other suggestions?



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