2001-01-18   New version 0.70 of Video Disc Recorder available

Save PES streams. Dump EPG data. On Disk Editing. Italia. Have Fun!

The new version 0.70 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

  • VDR now requires driver version 0.8.1 or higher.
  • Recordings are now saved in PES mode. Note that you now need to install the driver *WITHOUT* 'outstream=0'! This is the default when you 'make insmod' in the DVB/driver directory. Old recordings (in AV_PES mode) can still be replayed (as long as the driver still supports replaying AV_PES files). The only limitation with this is that in fast forward/back mode the picture may be slightly distorted and there may be sound fragments.
  • The EPG data is now dumped into the file /video/ every ten minutes. Use the Perl script '' to convert the raw EPG data into a simple HTML programme listing.
  • Fixed handling of channel switching with the "Blue" button in the "What's on now/next?" menus.
  • Fixed saving the MarginStop setup parameter.
  • Fixed missing initialization in cConfig.
  • Implemented "On Disk Editing".
  • There is no more default 'timers.conf' file.
  • Added Italian language texts (thanks to Alberto Carraro).
  • Fixed starting a replay session when the program is currently in "transfer mode".
  • Fixed setting/modifying timers via SVDRP with empty summary fields.
  • Fixed a problem with recordings that have a single quote character in their name (this is now mapped to 0x01).
  • Changed the value for Diseqc to '0' in the default 'channels.conf'.
  • Fixed displaying channels and recording status in the RCU's LED display when a recording is interrupted due to higher priority.
  • Implemented safe writing of config files (first writes into a temporary file and then renames it).
  • In case the video data stream is broken the log message will come only every 5 seconds.
  • The current channel is now saved in the 'setup.conf' file when VDR is cancelled, and will be restored next time it is started (thanks to Deti Fliegl).
  • The EIT scanning thread is now locked when switching channels to avoid problems.
  • Encrypted channels can now be selected even without knowing the PNR (however, it is still necessary for the EPG info).
  • Thanks to Klaus Schmidinger


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