2001-02-07   dvbtext0.1 released

teletext decoder for the the Siemens/Hauppauge DVB-S cards.

Dave Chapman writes:

An early release of a short program I've written to decode DVB teletext pages is available at:

When you run it, it spools all the teletext pages as "vtx" files into a directory. You can then use an external program to view the pages - there are links to a couple of such programs, including a Java applet on the above page.

Instructions for it's use are in the README file included in the (source-only) distribution. I've also included my channels.conf for Astra 19 which includes the Teletext PIDS for some of the channels. This is useful with Klaus's latest (unofficial) release of VDR - currently 0.71pre2.

The interesting features are that it can simultaneously record multiple teletext streams into different directories (currently up to 8 - a safety limit imposed by Ralph) and that it can also access the teletext pages of some (but not all) encrypted channels. This shows that some encrypted channels leave their teletext streams in the clear.

Thanks Dave!


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