2001-02-20   Announcing: DVBaudio v0.1 (a hacked mpegtools)

a utility which can be used to record a radio station

Dave Chapman writes:

I've been hacking Marcus's mpegtools (from v0.8.1) a little, and have written a utility which can be used to record a radio station (or the sound from a TV station if you wish) directly as an audio elementary stream. - i.e. an "mpeg" file that freeamp or mpg123 can understand directly.

It can also be used as a "cgi-bin" program to stream audio data over your LAN to either mpg123 or freeamp using http. It can be downloaded from:

The code is 99% from mpegtools - I'm distributing it again for simplicity. Maybe this should be merged with the "official" mpegtools? The difference between dvbaudio and mpegtools are simple a new function "TS_to_ES" in (a combination of TS_to_PES and extract_es_audio_from_pes) and a replacement

I've only tested the http streaming with a couple of radio stations on Astra 28E and Freeamp v2.0.7 on a Win98 machine. However, it seems to work perfectly without any corruption to the audio.

I would welcome any feedback on this program - especially it's (and freeamp's) compatibility with different radio/TV stations.

Thanks, Dave!


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