2001-02-26   New version 0.71 of Video Disc Recorder available

The most personal video recorder on the planet. Now with Cable TV support.

The new version 0.71 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

NOTE: For those of you who have already downloaded the 0.71pre10 archive: version 0.71 is identical to 0.71pre10, so you don't need to download the "official" 0.71 archive.

  • VDR now requires that you use DVB driver version 0.8.2 or higher.
  • The new compile time option REMOTE=NONE can be used to compile VDR
  • without any remote control support.
  • The new command line option -D can be used to define which DVB interfaces
  • a certain instance of VDR shall use.
  • The "Left" and "Right" keys are now used to page up and down in lists.
  • The "Main" and "Commands" menu now support "hotkeys".
  • The channel data in 'channels.conf' now contains the teletext PID.
  • The EPG scanner now scans each transponder only once per cycle.
  • Deleted recordings are now automatically removed from disk after a while.
  • The "Now", "Next" and "Schedule" menus now remember the current channel and restore the list when switching between them.
  • The "Green" button in the "Recordings" menu can now be used to rewind a recording and play it from the very beginning.
  • New SVDRP command MESG to display a short message on the OSD.
  • SVDRP now has a timeout after which the connection is automatically closed.
  • The compile time switch VFAT can be used to make VDR avoid the ':' character in file names (VFAT can't handle them).
  • Support for DVB-C (cable).
  • A value of '0' for the EPGScanTimeout setup parameter now completely turns off scanning for EPG data on both single and multiple card systems.
  • New setup parameter "PrimaryLimit" that allows to prevent timers from using the primary DVB interface in multi card systems.
  • Watchdog function that makes VDR exit in case the main program loop does not respond within a certain time.
  • Thanks to Klaus Schmidinger


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