2001-03-16   Videotex viewer for dvbtext-0.1 released

Teletext or videotext via DVB - full graphics and color

Jan Panteltje writes:

just made a pre-release of xvtx, videotext viewer to be used with dvbtext-0.1 and the Siemens / Technotrend DVB-s PCI card. This version of xvtx is very limited, but has full graphics and color. No special libs required, build on xlib. it DOES suck processor cycles, but for that you have flashing text ;-) OK, enough,

When and if I find the time, I will implement more, I want to thank Dave Chapman for dvbtext-0.1, I could not figure it out, but I think I have been conned by the bit 8 being 1...

Thanks to Jan!!!


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