2001-04-03   New version 0.72 of Video Disc Recorder available

VDR Still uses the old API

Klaus Schmidinger writes:

Well, there's nothing really "revolutionary" in this new release of VDR, but since it's been quite a while I wanted to release the current status.

Please note that VDR still uses the "old" API and thus requires driver version 0.8.2. I hope to find the time to make the transition to the new API some time soon...

The new version 0.72 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

  • Fixed SVDRP commands LSTC and LSTT to make them return an error message if no channels or timers are defined.
  • Enhanced 'channels.conf.cable'.
  • Fixed switching to another channel via the EPG while a recording is being replayed.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the EIT processor that happened when the system time was set.
  • Fixed internationalization of some Main menu texts.
  • Updated 'channels.conf' after the recent changes of Premiere World.
  • Redesigned the ring buffer to make it work with two separate threads for input and output (also prepared for using a remultiplexer).
  • Fixed setting system time from transponders.
  • Fixed a segfault in the Schedule menu in case there is no EPG information.
  • The 'runvdr' script now kills any leftover vdr threads before restarting it.
  • Fixed a problem with Daylight Saving Time when displaying the times of recordings.
  • Added Dutch language texts.
  • The new command line option -t can be used to set the controlling terminal.
  • Since the CAM module only works if it is installed in the "highest" DVB card, recordings now search for a free DVB card from lowest to highest index (as opposed to the previous "highest to lowest" search) in order to not use the CAM card for FTA recordings unless necessary.
  • Added the "statdvb2vdr" tool from Hans-Peter Raschke.
  • Fixed a segfault that sometimes happened when killing VDR.
  • SVDRP now also works with clients that don't do line buffering (like the Windows 'telnet').
  • Empty lines in config files no longer cause error messages.
  • New SVDRP command LSTE to list the EPG data.
  • Thanks to Klaus Schmidinger


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