2001-06-02   Announcement: New Digital TV Client DTV - First Public Release

New client for controlling the DVB cards

Rolf Hakenes writes:

I am proud to announce the first public release of a new client for controlling the DVBs cards from Technotrend/Hauppauge/Siemens, which are supported by the DVB driver of Ralph Metzler. This client is called 'dtv' and focuses on the correct interpretation of program information sent through the DVB-SI datastream. It tries to do its best in serving as a replacement of commercial set-top boxes like the D-Box. There is no function to record/replay broadcastings at the moment, but you can do with it (hopefully) nearly all things beside that. 'dtv' owns the following features:

  • ETSI compliant integrated receiver decoder (IRD) to control an arbitrary number of DVB devices by one or more input devices
  • possibility to be used as a TV server with individual input mapping and channel set (bouquet) for each DVB output device
  • supported input devices: KEYBOARD, LIRCD, built-in remote device, TCPIP
  • OSD display to provide a menu-driven user interface
  • NVOD-Services (PW Cinedoms), Linkage-Services (PW Superdom/F1), Multiple Audio-PIDs (alternative language tracks) fully supported
  • PAT/PMT/SDT scanning used to correct predefined PID settings
  • PAT/PMT/SDT based transponder scanning to define available channel lists
  • EIT scanning (electronic program guide) supported
  • additional database interface (PostgreSQL) to access an internet-based and daily maintained free program guide
  • TCL-based configuration language
  • Fully-cached videotext/teletext decoder
  • Other features are on my list, suggestions or improvements are always very welcome. The program should be pretty stable, because I use it for quite half a year now as my primary and only satellite receiver box without major problems. WARNING: As 'dtv', especially the Videotext part of it, uses the OSD code as it was a few weeks ago, I would recommend to use a driver, which is not newer than mid of may, at least until the OSD memory becomes as big as it was at this point.

    I release this code under Gnu GPL, the project is hosted by SourceForge.Net with the Name hesdvb. The first release of DTV can be downloaded from:

    Thanks Rolf!


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