2001-06-04   New version 0.80 of Video Disc Recorder available

VDR finally uses the new API

Klaus Schmidinger writes:

The new version 0.80 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

  • VDR now requires driver version 0.9.0 or higher.
  • Switched to the new DVB driver API.
  • New setup parameter "LnbSLOF" that defines the switching frequency of the LNB.
  • Fixed a bug in the EPG scanner with more than one DVB card.
  • Fixed checking for free disk space, so that it works with NFS mounted drives.
  • Files are now created with mode 644.
  • Fixed checking the exit status in the 'runvdr' script.
  • Activated loading the driver in 'runvdr'. Please read the comments in 'runvdr' for details.
  • The new "emergency exit" feature automatically triggers a restart of VDR if something goes wrong during a recording.
  • Processing the EIT data is now disabled during replay and 'Transfer Mode' in order to avoid video and audio glitches.
  • Due to the reduced amount of OSD memory provided by the driver the number of lines in the OSD had to be reduced by 2.
  • There are two new setup parameters to define the "Default Priority" and "Default Lifetime" when creating a new timer event.
  • The meaning of the "Lifetime" parameter has been modified to allow recordings to live "forever" or to use priority controlled file deletion.
  • Updated version of the 'schnitt' tools.
  • New 'master-timer' tool.
  • Thanks to Klaus Schmidinger


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