2001-08-08   dvbd3 is out

new software for internet by satellite

Jan Rafaj writes:

This is dvbd "dvbd3" ("dvb-daemon"), a program to set up DVB card parameters from a Linux system, so that it will work with satellite internet providers (also called "internet via the sky", or "turbointernet"). It was written by Mr. Carsten Siebert, of DataPlanet International AG.

Dont flame me if it does not work for you, destroys your computer or what-not. I take no responsibility. My intention was to modify Carsten's dvbd so that it does not need patching anymore (at least for me). I also added this docs, help for commandline flags acceptable by dvbd, and made a few extensions inside the program - consult the top of dvbd.c file if you are wondering.

You can download dvbd3 here

Thanks, Jan!!!


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