2001-08-12   New version 0.91 of Video Disc Recorder available

High Tech made in South Germany.

Klaus Schmidinger writes:

The new version 0.91 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

  • Fixed displaying colored button texts that are too long.
  • Suppressing replay progress display when replaying a DVD.
  • Updated channels.conf.cable.
  • Updated French OSD texts.
  • Improved AC3 decoding when replaying DVDs.
  • Fixed handling DVB card indexes when using only one card in a multi-card system.
  • Changed the 'Eject DVD' button text to a simple 'Eject'.
  • Changed the default value for the "DiSEqC" setup parameter to "off".
  • The new command line option '-E' can be used to define where the EPG data shall be written to.
  • Making sure the disk is up and running before starting recording.
  • Added the "Jump" function in replay mode. See the description of the "Red" key in MANUAL under "Replay Control" for details.
  • Fixed displaying editing marks when toggling a mark in "pause" mode.
  • If there is no free DVB device to record, the log message will now be given only once.
  • Made I/O more robust by handling EINTR.
  • Thanks Klaus!


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