2001-08-26   New version 0.93 of Video Disc Recorder available

Date/Time display, new Setup parameter MaxVideoFileSize, "Timers" menu

Klaus Schmidinger writes:

The new version 0.93 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

  • The menus and the channel display now show the current date and time.
  • The new Setup parameter MaxVideoFileSize can be used to customize the maximum size of the recorded video files.
  • Fixed a bug in handling repeating timers that record over midnight (the calculation of matching timers has been completely rewritten).
  • Timers that are currently recording are now marked with '#' in the "Timers" menu.
  • Timers are now sorted in the "Timers" menu, showing the sequence in which they will be recording. This can be disabled in the "Setup" menu. Note that the "Mark" button doesn't work if timers are displayed sorted.
  • Thanks Klaus!


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