2001-09-03   New version 0.94 of Video Disc Recorder available

Automatic shutdown and other improvements

Klaus Schmidinger writes:

The new version 0.94 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

  • Implemented automatic shutdown (see INSTALL and MANUAL for details).
  • New SVDRP command NEXT to show the next timer event.
  • The new remote control key "Power" can be used to turn the VDR machine off (this requires the presence of the '-s' option).
  • Fixed code for the default "Ok" button on the PC keyboard (was 0x162 on the "good old" keyboards (with the F-keys at the left side), while it changed to 0x15E on the newer keyboards).
  • When a recording is edited, the summary information (if present) is now also copied.
  • When a recording is running on the primary interface, any attempt to change the current channel will now lead to a "Channel locked" message.
  • The main program loop now first checks whether any timer recordings are finished, before starting a new timer recording. This is important in case one timer ends at the same time another timer starts.
  • New setup parameter OSDMessageTime to define how long an OSD message shall be displayed.
  • The "File" parameter of a timer can now contain the '~' character to store the recording in a hierarchical directory structure. The '~' character has been chosen since the file system's directory delimiter '/' may be part of a regular programme name (showing the directory hierarchy in the "Recordings" menu will follow later).
  • Repeating timers now create recordings that contain the 'Subtitle' information from the EPG data in their file name. Typically (on tv stations that care about their viewers) this contains the episode title of a series. The subtitle is appended to the timer's file name, separated by a '~' character, so that it results in all recordings of this timer being collected in a common subdirectory. You can disable this with the 'UseSubtitle' parameter in the "Setup" menu.
  • The summary information is now taken from the EPG data at the actual time of recording (no longer at the time the timer is created in the "Schedule" menu). If a timer already has summary data, that data will be used. If you have repeating timers in your 'timers.conf', you may want to make sure they do NOT contain any summary information (that's the last field in the timer definitions). Use your favourite text editor to delete that information. That way every recording will store the actual summary data at the time of the recording.
  • Thanks Klaus!


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