2001-09-23   New version 0.96 of Video Disc Recorder available

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Klaus Schmidinger writes:

The new version 0.96 of the Video Disk Recorder project is now available at

  • Made VDR compile with libdvdread-0.9.1 (thanks to Andreas Schultz). Note that you now _need_ version 0.9.1 of libdvdread to compile VDR with DVD support!
  • Several fixes to the replay mode display (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt): no more replay mode display when pressing the "Green" or "Yellow" button (Skip +/-60s); fixed timeout when pressing '0' to set an editing mark while the progress display is not shown; mode display is shown after progress display is closed; pressing "Ok" while the mode display is on brings up the progress display; no more unnecessary display of "normal play mode".
  • Supplying the new frontend parameter 'Inversion' (currently it is always set to INVERSION_AUTO, which should work with all channels on Astra).
  • Removing unnecessary double quotes from EPG Subtitle in EPGBugfixLevel >=1.
  • EPG info is now updated if the contents changes but the ID remains the same.
  • Fixed handling SVDRP commands whith more than one blank between the command word and the options.
  • The current volume setting is now saved to setup.conf and restored at the next program start.
  • New command line option '-r' to define a command that gets called before and after each recording (see INSTALL for details).
  • Implemented a check to see whether the system time is running linearly.
  • Writing the current time (as seen by VDR) into the log file when starting a timer recording (this may help debugging cases where timers don't start at the expected time).
  • Made the volume, mute and power keys work when a menu is active, too (thanks to Matthias Weingart).
  • Thanks Klaus and the many contributors!


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