2001-09-24   DivX on DVB card with MPlayer

DivX on your television set

A'rpi writes:

I have commited the new mpegpes/dvb driver of MPlayer. It is able to play any YV12 25fps video via the DVB card, for example DivX/Mpeg4/MJpeg avi/asf and non-standard mpeg movies! For details, read DOCS/DVB in mplayer CVS.

A few words about my near-future plans:

  • audio playback through the DVB card (currently it uses soundcard)
  • display OSD and subtitles using DVB card's OSD feature
  • better (more fluent) playback of non-25fps movies
  • more speed optimizations
  • YUY2 support (for win32 codecs, like Indeo5 and WMV 7/8)
  • realtime transcoding between mpeg2 < - > mpeg4 (partial decompression)
  • I have created a new mailing list for the MPlayer and DVB topic. If you are interested, please subscribe:

    I will post mplayer DVB-related announces there, and you can ask/discuss your DVB-related mplayer problems there.

    Thanks to A'rpi / Astral and ESP-team


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