2001-10-02   DTV - New (minor) Release 1.2

DTV - New (minor) Release 1.2

Rolf Hakenes writes:

I am proud to announce the third public release of DTV. This (minor) release is primarly intended to improve the configuration capabilities of DTV. A new method for key-definitions, user-definable menus and Dcl-style options should enable anyone, who is able to understand and write some Tcl stuff, to configure dtv to exactly his own needs. Of course some bugs have been removed also. Finally I dropped support for DVB driver versions prior to CVS (24/09/01). The code does only works with the new tuning API. At last I included the newest Astra channel settings of 1st, October.

The main additonal features of the third publically released version 1.2 are:

  • Fully-configurable user-interface. Each input event can trigger arbitrary actions on the output devices in any state of them. These actions can as well be Dcl commands or functions.
  • User definable menus (dynamically, can be used to modify the menus of a running dtv via TCP link. Targeted applications are E-Mail notification and reading, answering machine control (together with vbox or mgetty))
  • Completely revised option handling (look into variables.dcl). Event tracing capability (perform some action if something like channel switching happens to the output device).
  • State and EPG save/restore on program exit/entry.
  • Extended EPG facilities. Ability to scroll around in EPG data.
  • LastVisitedChannel support (by using the '0' channel number)
  • Volume control.
  • Preliminary Record/Playback capability. If you would like to use this, you would have to get the stream from /dev/ost/dvrx and feed it back via 'ntuxplayer'. Better support will follow in the next (major) release.
  • Preliminary AC3 capability. If you would like to use this, you would have to get the stream from /dev/ost/dvrx and feed it into your processor.
  • Bug fixes:
  • fixed bug, that causes dtv to crash on missing remote control name for LIRCD translation-tables.
  • fixed: Diseqc bug (Satellite object has not been copied)
  • fixed: Vtx-Bug (wrong PIDs selected, if AC3 available)
  • The release is under Gnu GPL, the project is hosted by SourceForge.Net with the Name hesdvb. The tarball of DTV can be downloaded from:

    Email comments and improvements to the linux-dvb mailinglist or directly to Rolf Hakenes

    Thanks Rolf!


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