2001-10-16   Announce: dvbstream 0.3

Updated to the latest tuning API, added command-line switches

Dave Chapman writes:

I've just released an update of my dvbstream application which RTP-multicasts a (audio/video) DVB TS across a LAN:

New features are:

  • updated to latest tuning API - you need the latest driver
  • added ability to map PIDS to different values. This allows you to always map the video and audio PIDs for a channel to constant values so the client doesn't need to know the original PIDS.
  • added -v, -a and -t command-line switches to route streams (video, audio and teletext respectively) to the DVB card's hardware decoders as well as to the LAN. This allows you to view a channel on the TV-OUT at the same time as streaming it to the LAN.
  • For example, to stream TVC International from Astra 19 to your LAN, whilst at the same time sending the video, audio and teletext streams to the TV-OUT and mapping the v/p/t pids to 100, 200 and 300, you would type the following:

    dvbstream -f 12441 -p v -s 27500 -v 512:100 -a 660:200 -t 576:300

    I would welcome any feedback or feature suggestions.

    Thanks, David!


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