2003-06-03   Linux DVB driver release 1.0.0-pre3

The next prerelease

This is a bugfix release. Please test and report any problems on the LinuxDVB mailing list. Thanks to all who contributed.

Changes for linuxtv-dvb-1.0.0-pre3

  • scan: considerable rewrite of section I/O using poll() instead of busy waiting
  • scan: reports PCR PID and service type (01: TV, 02: radio, >=03: other) in "pids" output format
  • ves1820 patch by jaakko to distinguish different PLL/Synthesizer combinations used by Siemens and Technotrend on their DVB-C cards
  • scan: attempt to parse the freqeuency-list descriptor for DVB-T (untested), set INVERSION_AUTO for tuning (was 0 == INVERSION_OFF before), patch from Franck Arnaud (with modifications) to restore scan output to be usable by szap
  • av7110: Sharing SDRAM between TT re-insertion and OSD to have more video buffer
  • dvb-core: fixed a deadlock in dvb_frontend.c
  • av7110_loadkeys: keymap for universal remote controls by PHILIPS, BAUR, INTERFUNK, MARANTZ, NECKERMANN, OTTO VERSAND, QUELLE, THORN, LIESENKOTTER, contributed by Poul Py
  • API change: added VIDEO_EVENT_SIZE_CHANGED and VIDEO_GET_SIZE ioctl (both implemented for AV7110 based PCI cards)
  • API change: added SEC_VOLTAGE_OFF to turn off satellite frontend power (implemented for alps_bsrv2 and stv0299 frontend drivers)
  • various improvements to frontend drivers and frontend-thread handling (ves1820, grundig_29504-401, alps_tdlb7, stv0299)
  • disabled frontend zig-zap scan for DVB-C (improved tuning behaviour)
  • fixes and extensions for the "scan" program, including VDR output format
  • fixed A/V sync bug with link-layer-CI firmware (always set PCR PID)
  • fixes for IR remote control handling (key repeat, device addressing)
  • added DMX_GET_STC ioctl
  • added software section filter capability to av7110 driver (module parameter "hw_sections")
  • correct ADAC volume settings (av7110 driver)
  • msp3400 volume control fixes for Siemens DVB-C cards
  • ...and some things we don't remember. Check the CVS changelogs for details, cvsps is your friend...


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