2004-04-19   dvb-kernel CVS branched for Linux 2.4

Main DVB driver development focus moves to Linux 2.6.

Maintaining the DVB driver for both Linux 2.4 and 2.6 in the same CVS tree became too problematic. E.g. it is not possible to create DVB driver patches for the mainline kernel directly from CVS without doing a lot of work by hand. We also need to do some structural changes which are not easy to do when we always have to keep 2.4 backwards compatibility.

Consequently, I've created a "linux_2_4" branch in dvb-kernel CVS for the driver version for Linux 2.4.

Main development in CVS HEAD will be for Linux 2.6 only, and all 2.4 compatibility stuff will soon be removed from HEAD.

It largely depends on public interest and your help (hint, hint) for improvements from HEAD to be backported to 2.4. If you want to checkout the 2.4 drivers use the following command:

cvs -d co -dP -rlinux_2_4 dvb-kernel

You can also select the linux_2_4 branch when viewing files in the CVS web interface.


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