2005-12-26   V4L-DVB Git Tree

New v4l-dvb.git tree at

Dear V4L and DVB people,

Now, we have our own git tree at .

This is a need for us to send patches to mainstream. It does contain a copy of v4l-dvb patches applied at the latest development kernel, without compat stuff. The main repository is v4l-dvb CVS tree.

The git have four branches:

origin a replica of Linus git tree
masterorigin + v4l-dvb patches
to_akpmpatches sent (or being sent) to -mm series
to_linuspatches sent (or being sent) to mainstream

The tree is manually updated, so it is generally delayed with reference to v4l-dvb.

For those interested on learning more about git, there are several docs at:

Git Docs

There's a web interface to V4L-DVB tree at:

v4l-dvb.git tree summary




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