2007-06-28   v4l2-library initiated

A new v4l2 library is initiated to implement userspace decompression algorithms that cannot fit in kernelspace.

Some multimedia peripherals cannot provide video pictures in a well known format (like YUV, RGB, ...). They provide compressed video pictures and the algorithm to uncompress them may be complex or may have a proprietary license. Complex algorithm are forbidden in kernelspace so we need to implement them in userspace. In a first step, this v4l2 library will provide a way to uncompress video pictures in userspace to ease the applications' labour. A first solution is specified here. A first implementation is started here.

We invite any concerned driver developer or application developer to suscribe to the specific v4l2-library mailing-list in order to participate to this project. To suscribe to this ML, go to the v4l2-library mailing-list

Future evolutions of this library could provide other features beyond video decompression, that would require userspace processings.

Let's have fun!



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