2008-09-19   V4L/DVB Miniconf at Linux Plumbers/2008

V4L/DVB Miniconf at Linux Plumbers/2008 was handled between Sept, 17 and Sept, 19 2008

It was a large desire of the LinuxTV community to have a meeting between the maintainers, in order to strengthen the relationship of the people, making us to work together as a group.

About one year ago, we've started to discuss when and how this could happen, at the LinuxTV maintainers list. The V4L/DVB maintainer suggested to have it happening together with a Linux Foundation event. This idea found a wide acceptance and, after 6 months of discussions, it was finally decided that the best would be to have this meeting during the Linux Plumbers Conference 2008 (LPC) which takes place right after the Linux Kernel Summit. This also allows for cross-subsystem discussions.

Now, that the LPC is over, we can say that a representative number of LinuxTV developers could actually attend. Unfortunately, a few of them could not make it. The LinuxTV developers that were in attendance are:

  • Brandon Philips

  • Douglas Schilling Landgraf

  • Hans de Goede

  • Hans Verkuil

  • Jean Delvare

  • Mauro Carvalho Chehab

  • Michael Krufky

  • Patrick Boettcher

  • Steven Toth

  • Thierry Merle

Together, the developers that were at LPC represent about 60% of the number of patches for the core and device drivers that were committed over the last year to the development tree.

During the miniconf, 2 BOF sessions, and a countless number of other informal meetings, people discussed and agreed about several interesting points that will help the development of the core systems and enhance the driver support to allow more digital TV standards and add more flexibility to the new sophisticated set of V4L and DVB devices that are about to hit the market or are currently in the field-trail phase.

During the 3 days of the event, the developers also had the opportunity to meet and to have technical discussions with other maintainers and developers for subsystems that are used by media drivers. There were meetings some Linux core maintainers and the maintainers for I2C, input drivers, sysfs/udev and ALSA.

Also, a developer (Manjunath Hadli, from TI) is joining the community. He announced during the event that TI is going to put big efforts into developing Open Source drivers for producing Open Source drivers for their media devices.

All the discussions took place within a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Each of the attendees contributed on a very high technical level - based on their experience and knowledge.

I consider this meeting to be a great success, taking into account this was the first one of its kind and that this was the first meeting for V4L/DVB, we had a great success. I'd like to thank all from the Linux Foundation, from the LPC committee and you developers and maintainers that honored with your presence.

Mauro Carvalho Chehab
V4L/DVB Maintainer

We've took a nice picture with some of the Linuxtv people that were there:


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