2009-01-06   V4L, DVB and Maintainers Mailing Lists at

V4L, DVB and V4L/DVB Maintainers Mailing Lists Were merged on Jan, 2 2009 at

The idea of merging the mailing lists is running around for some time.

It took some time for me to have time to address this issue, but it finally happened. We've just created it as:

The new mailing list will be the main place for discussing both V4L and DVB developments. It replaces the previous V4L/DVB Maintainers List.

It is expected that it will gradually replace the DVB Mailing List and V4L Mailing List as user forums for V4L/DVB discussions.

Having the mailing list hosted at has some advantages:

  • VGER is the place where almost all Linux Kernel subsystems are discussed;
  • Their anti-spam filters are very efficient. This way, the same list can be used to handle patch submissions and bug reports from non-subscribers without the risk of receiving lots of trash.

As a bonus, we now have the Patchwork tool for automatically storing the patches sent to and efficiently retrieving the patch history. This allows the developers to do a better job of handling patches without the risk of having patches lost somewhere.

I kindly want to invite you all, and specially those of you that want to help on the development and improvement of linux video input infrastructure to subscribe

To subscribe, just send an email to vger, by clicking here.

There are a few archives already available, at:

Happy new year and Happy Ephiphany
Jan, 6 2009


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