2016-03-05   Linux Media Summit in April, 7 - San Diego - CA - USA

As discussed on our IRC #v4l channel at Freenode, we'll be running a 1-day Linux Media Summit in San Diego on April, 7, just after the Embedded Linux Conference.

Feel free to submit relevant topics related to the Linux Kernel support for media, in order to help us to build the workshop's agenda and take other needs into account when working on it.

As usual, we'll be using the ML for the specific discussions about that, so the ones interested on participate on such discussions and/or be present there are requested to subscribe it, and to submit themes of interest via the mailing lists.

Please also send an e-mail if you're intending to join us there, to allow us to be sure that we'll have enough seats for the participants.

Hope to see you there!



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