2016-05-25   Kaffeine ported to Qt5/KF5

The Digital TV GUI application Kaffeine, originally written as a KDE 4 application was ported to use Qt5 and KDE Foundations 5.

Kaffeine Snapshot


As Kaffeine is the GUI application I use to test DVB cards, I've been working for a while to improve it.

Initially, I changed it to use libdvbv5, allowing it to work properly with devices that support multiple delivery systems on the same frontend and to support other standards like ISDB-T.

Today, I completed another milestone: Kaffeine is now poarted from Qt4/KDE 4 to Qt5/KDE Foundations 5!

While I'm working to merge those patches at Kaffeine upstream, you can test what I've done so far at:

If you prefer to keep using Qt 4/KDE 4, you could use the master branch instead:

Personally, I think that the visual with KDE 5 is better, but the functionality should be the same on both versions.

PS.: There is one caveat with Qt5: the VLC backend, used to play videos, don't work fine with Xinput2 mouse changes that happened with qt5.5. This is a known bug, and there is a fix at VLC, but only for Qt4:

This is harmless for Digital TV play, but it is annoying for DVD, because it breaks DVD Menus. While this is not fixed, the workaround is to compile Qt5 without Xinput2, using the --no-xinput2 ./configure option and re-building Qt5.

Please test and report any bugs to me, c/c the media ML.



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