2018-10-01   Linux Media Summit in Edinburgh - Oct, 25 2018

The next Linux Media Mini Summit will happen on Oct, 25 on Edinburgh, Scotland together with Embedded Linux Conference Europe

We are organizing a media mini-summit on Thursday October 25th in Edinburgh, Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

If you plan to attend, please register on the ELCE/OSS site since we’re using there tracking system:

Name of the room for the summit: Tinto, Level 0 of the EICC

We had 75 people sign up for the summit as of a week ago, which is quite amazing.

Proposed agenda

General remarks: the given start/end times for the various topics are approximate since it is always hard to predict how long a discussion will take. If people are attending other summits and those conflict with specific topics they want to be part of, then let me know and we can rearrange the schedule to (hopefully) accomodate that.

Let me know asap if there are problems with this schedule, or if new topics are requested.


Introduction (Hans Verkuil)

Settling in, hooking everything up, getting wifi/projector/etc. to work, drinking coffee/tea/water and a short intro :-)


Status of the HDMI CEC kernel support (Hans Verkuil)

Give a quick overview of the status: what has been merged, what is still pending, what is under development.


Status of the RC kernel support (Sean Young)

A 10 minute status update on rc-core, present and future. I'll give a brief presentation and leave some time for discussion.


Save/restore controls from MTD (Ricardo Ribalda Delgado)

Industrial/Scientific sensors usually come with very extensive calibration information such as: per column gain, list of dead pixels, temperature sensor offset... etc

We are saving that information on an flash device that is located by the sensor.

Show how we are integrating that calibration flash with v4l2-ctrl. And if this feature is useful for someone else and upstream it.


Complex Cameras (Mauro Carvalho Chehab)

The idea is to discuss about the undergoing work with complex camera development is happening.

As we're working to merge request API, another topic for discussion is how to add support for requests on it (or on a separate but related library).




Automated Testing (Ezequiel Garcia)

There is a lot of discussion going on around testing, so it's a good opportunity for us to talk about our current testing infrastructure.

We are already doing a good job with v4l2-compliance. Can we do more?




Stateless Codec userspace (Hans Verkuil)

Support for stateless codecs and Request API should be merged for 4.20, and the next step is to discuss how to organize the userspace support.

Hopefully by the time the media summit starts we'll have some better ideas of what we want in this area.


Which ioctls should be replaced with better versions? (Hans Verkuil)

Some parts of the V4L2 API are awkward to use and I think it would be a good idea to look at possible candidates for that.

Examples are the ioctls that use struct v4l2_buffer: the multiplanar support is really horrible, and writing code to support both single and multiplanar is hard. We are also running out of fields and the timeval isn't y2038 compliant.

A proof-of-concept is here:

It's a bit old, but it gives a good impression of what I have in mind.

Another candidate is VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ENUM_FRAME_INTERVAL/VIDIOC_ENUM_FRAMEINTERVALS: expressing frame intervals as a fraction is really awkward and so is the fact that the subdev and 'normal' ioctls are not the same.

Discuss what possible other ioctls are candidates for a refresh.




Fault tolerant V4L2 (Kieran Bingham)

In other words, how should we handle complex devices which do not 'fully probe' since one or more subdevices (e.g. sensors) are broken (or break while in use!).


Discuss the media development process

Since we are all here, discuss any issues there may be with the media subsystem development process. Anything to improve?


Wrap up

Create action items (and who will take care of them) if needed. Summarize and conclude the day.

End of the day

Key Signing Party


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