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Author: Herbert Attenberger

This plugin records in background music and collects automatically name and ID3-Tag.

The recording by title runs in parallel on up to 12 radio channels of the ARD_(broadcaster) channel with the feature Radiotext plus, ie. "DAS MODUL", Eins_Live, YOU_FM, WDR_2, SWR3 and others, as soon as a DVB device is unused or is tuned on this Transponder.

The file format can be choosen between mp2 (as transmitted) or converted to mp3 with adjustable bitrate.


Last Update 03/2009



Software Requirements


Adjust the recordings directory on command line:

-P"audiorecorder -r /mp3/audiorecorder"


Parameter (short) Parameter (long) Description
-r <DIR> --recdir=<DIR> recording directory (mandatory)
-d <LEVEL> --debug=<LEVEL> Debug-Level (0 = off, 1 = error, 2 = verbose)


Recommended Radio Stations

on Astra:

DAS MODUL;ARD BR:12265:hC34:S19.2E:27500:0:161=deu:0:0:28406:1:1093:0

Version History

Version Date Description Link
0.1.0-pre14 09.03.2009 DL
0.1.0-pre6 05.09.2006
  • fixed a possible crash in cXmlCache::copy_to_objects()
  • added the namespace "a-land" to tinyxml to avoid a segfault when used together with the setup plugin/path
0.1.0-pre5 01.09.2006
  • added casts to uint64_t to avoid an integer overflow (suggested by egal & lordjaxom on, cDispatcher::check_free_disc_space()).
  • added "min. free disc space (in mb)" to setup menu. the recording is stopped if the free space on the recording-directory is smaller than this value (suggested by egal on
  • added "max. tracks in queue" to setup menu. the recording is stopped if this value is achived. recording is startet again at 25 % of this value (suggested by egal on
  • now artist and title are converted to capital letters (for better detecting of doubled recordings).
  • after switching a channel, the next receiver is attached after at minimum 30 seconds (thx to andipiel from, cDispatcher()).
  • removed track.c and track.h
  • introduced caching (xml-base.[c,h], xml-cache.[c,h] and cache.[c,h]). tinyxml is used for the xml-handling, so thx a lot to the authors ... look at for more informations.
  • introduced menu and browser (menu.[c,h], browse[c,h], browse-item[c,h])
  • code cleanup, replaced most c-functions with the according c++/stl function.
  • add "pause if osd is open" to setup menu.
  • moved hr3, hr1 and swr3 to the end of the channels-list (dispatcher.c)
  • added possible album, track or year-values (trackinfo.h)
0.1.0-pre4 17.07.2006
  • complete rewrite of the recording stuff. now there are up to !!! 12 !!! parallel recordings possible (cDispatcher()).
  • better/more checks of the rtp_tags (cRds::correct_rtp_tag()).
  • fixed a bug in cRds::set_next_frame().
  • some cosmetic changes.
  • introduced service-interface for communication with other plugins (you can use the header file service.h).
  • reduced the verbosity of the plugin. debugging could be enabled on stdout with the commandline argument -d or --debug=.
0.1.0-pre3 26.06.2006
  • a small bugfix in cRds::decode_rtp().
0.1.0-pre2 26.06.2006
  • replaced localtime with thread-safe localtime_r (cAudioreceiver::get_path()).
  • try to catch wrong rtp-tags (cRds::correct_rtp_tags()).
  • add support for reencoding into mp3 format.
0.1.0-pre1 16.06.2006
  • Initial revision.

Current Version



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