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vdr-clipinc is the name for some scripts/tools that automatically cut video clips from VDR recordings. Alike Savvy, but Savvy uses OCR recognition and is for Get the Clip broadcasts (tm) from Viva Plus (tm). vdr-clipinc uses the Tobit ClipInc service.

Hardware requirements

Software requirements


Firstly a license key is to obtained from This service is free of charge.

The key has the following format, but we only need the first part


After installing

mkdir /etc/vdr/scripts
cd /etc/vdr/scripts
tar -xvzf clipinc-<VERSION>.tar.gz
cd clipinc

the has to be adopted to the personal needs. Now the directory for the clips is created

mkdir /var/spool/video/Clips

and the license key is put into the file

my $LICENSE = "xxxxx-xxxxx";  # Put the first 11 digits of your license here
      # Get your license for free at:
      # (scroll down to "Anfordern einer Lizenznummer")

That's it. Everything is started through the, which is handed over to VDR with

-r /usr/local/bin/



[1] vdr-clipinc homepage
[2] Tobit ClipInc homepage
[3] Get a license key from here