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Author: W. Koch

Shows Status of all DVB devices.
Devstatus is a fork of the Recstatus-plugin by Christian Wieninger and Mike Constabel.


Last Update 02/2009


For each device ie. DVB Frontend are shown

  • type
  • name
  • current signal strength
  • SNR
  • frequency

In addition all channels on current transponder/frequency are shown. The channel shown on the primary output device is specially marked. Selecting a channel using the arrow keys and "OK" will switch to that channel.

Keys "7" and "9" switch to next transponder/bouquet.

For recordings start time and title are displayed. Select a recording and pressing 'ok' starts timeshifted replay.

Channels, recordings and signal information can be individually toggled on/off via color buttons or setup.

Example Output

NOTE: example is currently in German shown only, feel free to translate to English.

  --- Gerät 1   (Gerät hat Dekoder, Primärgerät) ---
  Satellitenkarte (ST STV0299 DVB-S) - /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
  Frequenz: 10743 MHz, Signalstärke: 72%, Rauschabstand 84%
  keine laufenden Aufnahmen
       4 - arte
      23 - EinsFestival
      24 - EinsExtra
      25 - EinsPlus
      29 - Phoenix
  --- Gerät 2 -- Live  ---
  Terristische Karte (Philips TDA10045H DVB-T) - /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
  Frequenz: 706 MHz, Signalstärke: 79%, Rauschabstand 99%
  Don 18.12. 16:05 Seehund, Puma & Co.~36. Zoogeschichten von der Küste
  Don 18.12. 16:25 Irinka und Sandrinka~Kurzfilm Frankreich 2007
     101 - Das Erste
     104 + arte
     118 - EinsFestival
     120 - Phoenix
  --- Gerät 3   (Gerät hat Dekoder) ---
  keine laufenden Aufnahmen
    Aufn.verbergen   Signal verbergen  Kanäle verbergen    aktualisieren

Current Version

Version 0.4.1


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