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Author: Yinghong Liu

diseqcsetup - A bash setup script for VDR DiSEqC configuration

This script allows you configure vdr DiSEqC easily, without needing to know diseqc.conf rules. It has an interactive dialog interface, based on your DiSEqC switch connection, set the 22k tone, Toneburst, DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2 switching device. Of course you can complete the Non-standard user defined configuration, such connect committed and uncommitted two DiSEqC settings, sequence repetition and specify the wait time, etc.


The main menu,select DiSEqC mode.
Specify the satellite
Select LNBF LO frequency
Set DiSEqC 1.1/2.1 uncommitted Switch
Non-standard user defined configuration
Set the first DiSEqC port
Non-standard user defined configuration menu

Software Requirements

  • bash
  • dialog
  • nano or vi


This script assumes that all config files are located in /video or /etc/vdr.It also can be specified by the dialog. sources.conf and setup.conf must be existed.